We are capable of working in: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee.


   A water well is a large hole in the ground, normally on your own property, that supplies the drinking water to your home or building. Water wells can either be hand dug (large diameter) or drilled (small diameter). Drilled wells are normally deeper because a machine is more efficient than a human. After the well is complete, there is a pump installed into the well which lifts water from the well to your home or building through a series of pipes.


What We Do:

   Yadkin Well Company, Inc. only drill wells using state of the art trucks equipped with all the tools needed to provide you with a working well. Our 6 inch diameter wells are normally for home or small buildings, while our 8 inch wells are reserved for farm, irrigation, and commercial locations where large flow (gpm) and large pumping equipment is desired. The average well depth for us is around 350 feet but can range anywhere from 80 to 2000 feet deep.

   If you already have a well but are having problems, we also offer a Down the Hole Survey, where we take a camera and check the well to try to find any problems, suggest solutions, and fix them if you wish. We also offer Hydro Fracturing, which in most cases is an effective way to increase the amount of water coming out of your well by injecting water under high pressure into your well.

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