We are capable of working in: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee.


   A pump is used to push or lift water from the well into your household plumbing. The correct size of a pump and pump motor depends on the well diameter, the water level in the well, the number of plumbing fixtures, the amount of water use, and the peak water demand. Peak demand usually occurs during the morning and evening hours. Pumps are rated in gallons per minute (gpm) or gallons per hour (gph), and pump motors are rated in horsepower (hp).

   Special water needs, such as for irrigation, heat pumps, or livestock, can increase peak demand and require a larger pump. If the rate of flow required to meet the peak water demand exceeds the rate that the well can produce, increasing the storage capacity of the pressure tank can often make up the difference.


What We Do:

   At Yadkin Well Company, Inc. we can install a “Turn-key” system into your home, which is where we install the pump and trench lines all in one. Whether it is a new system or an upgrade of an old one, we have pumps for all occasions. If you want to try and repair your current system before replacing it, we can do that too. Any type of pump system can be repaired; from jet pumps to submersibles, ½ horsepower to 40 horsepower, 110 volt to 460 volt three phase systems, and roll or stick pipe.

   Yadkin Well Company, Inc. can also perform a well yield pump test to measure the gallons per minute your system is producing to see if it matches your needs. We can also install a constant pressure/variable speed system into your home, which keeps the water pressure the same throughout the home. Another task we can complete is “fishing” for lost pipes and/or pumps.


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