Yadkin Well Company, Inc. strives to be one of the regions most dependable and trusted names in water well drilling, geothermal drilling, and pump sales and service.


“Quality Reliable Service” has been Yadkin’s calling card for years. We have many unique pieces of support equipment that allows Yadkin to successfully complete many jobs in our service area.


Yadkin Well Company, Inc. repairs, upgrades, installs, and drills water wells to meet our customer’s needs for residential, commercial, farm, or irrigation. We also install and service water filters, conditioners, and iron filters. We are certified Water Well Contractors in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. We are also a member of the National Ground Water Association, and both North Carolina and Virginia Ground Water Associations. We are also IGSPHA Certified and certified installers of Florida Heat Pump, Climate Master, and Water Furnace pumps.

We can also be your one stop shop for geothermal needs. We have the equipment and expertise to not only drill and install the loop field for your heat pump, but also trench and bring the piping into your home or building. Yadkin Well Company, Inc. is also one of few that are H-1, H-2, and H-3 mechanical certified within North Carolina.

Yadkin Well Company, Inc. is a third generation, family owned business, and we look forward to serving our region in the years to come.

Vaughn Brown

Vaughn Brown

Beginning in 1964, at the age of 14, Vaughn helped his father, Jack Brown, after school and on the weekends at Yadkin Well Company. Vaughn has earned an Associate Degree in Electronics from Forsyth Tech. in Winston-Salem, NC along with serving in the Air National Guard from 1970-1976. He began working full time at Yadkin Well Company in 1971 and helped take it over from his father in 1976 after he came down with an illness.

Utilizing his knowledge gained in the drilling business to help others around the world, he has been going on volunteer mission trips, alone or with family, to many international locations since 1985 with 50 completed missions so far.

David Brown

David grew up in Hamptonville, NC the youngest son of Jack Brown, who turned Yadkin Well Company into a family business when he bought out the original owner (Stanford Steelman) in 1964. During summer vacations and on weekends, he and his brothers would take turns operating the rig. When his father came down with an illness in 1976, he and his brothers decided to buy their father out, all while David was a senior in high school. Since purchasing the company, they have incorporated the business and David has become the Vice President of what is now Yadkin Well Company, Inc. David still is active in the field, so he is also part of the North Carolina Well Contractors Certification Commission.

David has enjoyed serving with the NC Baptist’s on mission trips across the country and internationally. In doing so, he has traveled to Haiti with his son and co-owner, Matthew, to drill water wells with Healing Hands International.

Matthew Brown

Matthew grew up on the drilling rig, tagging along with his father and uncles every chance that he had. Matt repaired and installed pumps in the evenings after high school and college. Then, due to the “big drought” of 2002 Matt left college to drill. Late in 2012 Mark, Matt’s uncle and one of the owners of the company, retired due to poor health and Matt then became a third owner in his place.

Matt has a passion for helping folks have good, clean water. He is active in the local community as part of the Board of Directors of North Carolina Ground Water Association. He has also followed this passion to other countries as well, traveling with Vaughn to Indonesia after the 2005 Tsunami to install a water treatment system and taking yearly trips to drill wells in Haiti since 2010. He has taken these opportunities to become a drilling instructor both domestically and internationally too. Matt has a driller’s heart and is proud to be carrying the family business into its third generation.


  • Three drill rigs:
  •    2002 30K Speed Star Drill Rig
  •    2003 30K Speed Star Drill Rig
  •    2012 30K Speed Star Drill Rig
  •    2016 Gefco 30HD Drill Rig
  • Four Tandem water trucks with waterbeds and drill equipment
  • 1996 model 426B Caterpillar Backhoe
  • 1998 Volvo Tandem Dump Truck
  • 2000 model D5M-XL Caterpillar Dozer (for site preparation)
  • 2006 Caterpillar excavator
  • 2008 Dodge 3400 truck with flatbed service body
  • 2008 Dodge 4500 truck with service body
  • 2010 Dodge 5500 truck with pulstar pump hoist
  • 2015 Dodge Ram-4500 truck with service body
  • 2012 Kubota Excavator
  • 2012 Kubota track loader skid steer
  • 2012 Dodge 4500 Geothermal installation truck
  • 2012 Pulstar P12000 Pump Hoist on Dodge 5500
  • Three Ditchwitch trenchers
  • Four Portable Welders
  • Five Grout pumps (mounted onto trucks)
  • Six generators (3.5 KW to 70KW)
  • Hydro-Fracturing Unit
  • Down the hole color camera
  • Forklift
  • Two truck mounted geothermal loop grout pumps

   Our inventory includes pumps, pipe, wire, tanks, fittings, and most items used to install and repair, pump systems. Yadkin Well Company has the ability to begin and complete projects because of the reliable equipment and dedicated employees.