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   Hydro fracturing is a well development process that involves injecting water under high pressure into your current well to enlarge any low yield fractures in the bedrock that are currently supplying the well. The procedure involves the installation of a packer, which is placed in the well below ground surface to insure that the process does not “break” the seal or allow surface water contaminants to enter the well. This packer scales the well and causes this high flow and pressure to fracture the vein of water thus allowing more water to flow into the well.


What We Do:

   Yadkin Well Company, Inc. was a pioneer in North Carolina to use this process on water wells, with over 25 years of experience, since it originated within the gas and oil companies. Using only chemical free, clean potable water, Yadkin Well Company, Inc. can increase the yield of new, and already existing water wells, by enlarging small fractures in the bedrock that are already supplying the well, which in return allows for more water to enter your well.


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