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   Well abandonment is the process of filling a dry or unused well in order to protect ground water from pollutants and contaminants, along with protect the living from harm whether it is a wild creature, a pet, or even worse, a child. Yadkin Well Company, Inc. has the equipment to quickly and safely fill all types of wells, including: drilled, bored, and even hand dug wells.


Reasons to abandon:

• Restores protective barrier to minimize groundwater contamination.

• Removes physical hazards by removing tempting openings for curious animals and children.

• Restores stability to the land surface.

• Eliminates or reduces liability.

• Protects and improves property values.


Why should I hire someone to abandon my well for me?

   The well owner is responsible to permanently abandon a well if it can act as a source of contamination, and a certified well contractor must be used to abandon all wells in North Carolina.



   An abandoned drilled well (small diameter) can be repurposed into part of a new geothermal system loop field.


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